Our achievement in the development of a concept that allows us to use 100% energy of the driving medium, which is impossible in classical turbines using various forms and forms of propellers. To support our research, we manufactured an A.R.C.V. turbine - a special type of turbine designed for a long time. Turbine A.R.C.V is a new chapter in turbine construction. Along with the high efficiency of the driving medium, the A.R.B.V turbine is a low-speed turbine type, which increases the service life and reduces the maintenance costs of this turbine.

Future and Development

We plan to continue our research and development that will increase the technical and environmental benefits from the efficient use of water and gas energy and ensure competitiveness in terms of costs, which will lead to the development of new capacities. We are discussing the possible additional generation of electricity, by improving the existing technology of A.R.C.V. Currently, the project is in the maintenance and continuous improvement.

Innovative Solutions

The world market of hydraulic turbines is enormous considering the importance of the ability to transform the clean kinetic energy of the driving medium in mechanical power and finally electricity. The whole turbine's market is split between very few big players, manufacturing specialized propeller turbines:

Differing from these types of turbines, which have the structural limitations with the loss of potential due to free flow of the driving medium between the propeller's blades without kinetic conversion, our A.R.C.V use 100% of the kinetic energy of the flow.

A.R.C.V turbines were designed with an innovative concept developed during years of studies and testing on various prototypes. It allows to increase the electric output without changing the pressure or water flow and to make smaller power plants with equal final output of energy

Real estate management

Our company deals with consulting services on acquisition of real estate, we provide a thorough analysis and offer responsible options to our clients. We have own real estate objects, but we also can help with acquisition of real estate upon detailed request of the client. Our target markets are Switzerland, Latvia, Montenegro, France. We provide comprehensive real estate consulting services including evaluation, investment risks, market research, renovation, increasing of market price of the object by way of reconstruction, tailored to each of the client's unique needs.

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